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CoeurSecure™ Security Strategies

Coeur Group is has significant experience and expertise in conducting assessments and developing Security Plans in all areas of security and utilizing the Standards of NIST 800-53. Our Coeur Group team member’s already have significant experience in supporting the State of Vermont in various project engagements. Many of Coeur Group’s Senior Consulting Partners are Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) certified as well.

Coeur Group recognizes the importance of security engagements and is well positioned to provide the services requested with assurance of adding value. Coeur Group is pre-approved in a number of states for conducting risk assessments and Independent Reviews.

Coeur Group has Senior Consulting Partners that are familiar with the State, County and Municipal level security needs and provide consulting services in three areas which include:

  • Security Planning
  • Security Operations
  • Security Testing
  • Risk  Mitigation and Delivery

Our Coeur Security Team Consultants

Coeur Group and Dell SecureWorks security consultants are passionate security experts who survive rigorous technical screening, ongoing security training and mentoring. Security, risk and compliance is all they do. The Coeur Group security consultants are highly experienced in assessments and developing Security Strategies and risk mitigation roadmaps for improvements.

Dell SecureWorks security consultants are highly credentialed and certified security professionals with a command over technical security elements and business risk. Because the quality of a security engagement’s results is contingent upon the skill and qualifications of the consultant(s) performing the engagement, you need the best of both worlds – a consultant who knows security and can also speak to business processes and risk management.

Actionable Results

The Coeur Security Team will work with Vermont to review, analyze and clearly communicate our observations and test results for each engagement. We will not just tell you what is wrong; our goal is to educate your staff about your network security practices, your strengths and weaknesses, which areas need addressing first and how to utilize existing infrastructure investments.

Vulnerability Assessment

The objective of a vulnerability assessment is to validate host configurations and produce a list of known vulnerabilities existing on in-scope systems. The testing is limited to relatively safe checks designed to limit any negative impact in risk-averse environments.

Penetration Test

The objective of a basic penetration test is to validate host configurations and produce a list of known vulnerabilities existing on in-scope systems. The testing includes exploitation of vulnerabilities to reduce false positives.

Web Application Testing

Web applications are characteristically the most vulnerable applications, and Dell SecureWorks has services designed to thoroughly test and assess web application security. If we find web applications within the range of IP address within scope for this project, we will perform testing on the web application server, not on the application itself. This testing should not be considered a comprehensive or focused test of your web application.

Web Application Security Assessment

Coeur Group’s methodology is based on industry best practice frameworks for penetration testing and application testing. Reference documents include OWASP Testing Guide, Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), vendor-specific security documents and our own experience with risk and technical testing.

  • Known injection flaws
  • Backup files
  • Known platform and codebase vulnerabilities
  • Error handling issues
  • Known configuration issues
Incident Services

The Incident Response and Management Services that we provide cover the full spectrum of capabilities needed for this critical control area. We provide these services for all levels of organizational maturity; so whether you are simply getting started in developing your Incident Response (“IR”) capability, or have been working on this capability for years, we can integrate into the process. None of the services listed here are required for this Statement of Work. Rather, each service is available at your request during the Term.

CoeurSecure Strategic Insights

Coeur Group utilizes the NIST 800-53, Revision 4 framework (shown on right) as the basis for its CoeurSecure™ security consulting approach.

NIST 800-53 V4 provides a more holistic approach to information security and risk management by providing organizations with the breadth and depth of security controls necessary to fundamentally strengthen their information systems and the environments in which those systems operate—contributing to systems that are more resilient in the face of cyber attacks and other threats.

Coeur Group provides critical facilitation and leadership for our clients in these 6 Strategic and Assessment areas.

Each one of the Function areas of the NIST 800-53 V4 model are broken down into the Categories to conduct assessments and operational maturity for security and defined Key Findings and task actions for improvement.

Coeur Group will provide assessment and recommendations on the NIST 800-53 V4 Framework. The Framework descriptions are shown below and include:

The NIST framework Identify Function will address the asset management, business environment, security governance and risk assessment as well as the risk management strategy for our client environment.

The Protect Function addresses access control, awareness and training, data security, information protection processes and policies and procedures and maintenance of the security for technology infrastructure.  In addition, our assessments look at risk identified, how data is handled, managed and stored.

The Detect Function focuses on any anomalies and events that would be at risk in the client environment. In addition, security continuous monitoring and detection processes are reviewed.

The Respond Function looks at the client response planning evolutions, communications, analysis of risk, mitigation of risk and improvement plans in place that would reduce risk and mitigate issues.


The Recover Function focuses on the ability for the client to recover and whether or not they have a recovery plan, recommended improvements to the recovery plan and how the client communicates recovery aspects to the system users.

Coeur Group is an authorized partner of Dell Secureworks and utilizes a full breadth of services to help government organizations comply with regulations and standards including FISMA, NIST, FIPS, NERC CIP and others. Our services range from providing critical security controls that protect against attack to assisting in the development of compliant risk management programs and policies. We provide comprehensive compliance reporting with our services, making it easy for you to map regulations to controls and ultimately to evidence of executing those controls. We use key metrics in our database to support controls with real information about when security reports were reviewed, when changes were made, how often you were attacked, etc. Our reports have been used successfully by organizations to pass thousands of audits.

From experience and research, some common lessons have been learned and subsequently incorporated into our approach and resulting methodology:

Build Security

Enterprises must build security into their [business] programs and IT architecture from the beginning.  Research has shown that, without exception, organizations on the cutting edge—from an information security perspective—identify information security policy and standards as the most important foundation components driving all other security activity. New acquisitions must conform to these base standards when they join the organization.

Manage Technology...

Enterprises and organizations must manage their new technology-adoption process within the framework of IT architecture — and the IT architecture must contain the elements of the security architecture.  The decision to adopt new technologies must be balanced against both normal business and cost metrics, as well as against the impact that the new technology will have on the underlying security infrastructure. Without sound security architecture, establishing the most appropriate security balance for an organization is impossible.

Education and Awareness...

Security education and awareness at all levels of an organization is critical.  Enterprises and organizations must develop security and operational awareness and education programs to disseminate necessary corporate standards so that employees and associated third parties (e.g., vendors or contractors) know their responsibilities and the consequences for non-compliance.

Audit and Monitoring Program...

There must also be an active security audit and monitoring program.  Absent a formal method to ensure compliance with established enterprise standards, it is impossible to identify emerging security gaps and measure overall program effectiveness over the long term.

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