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Providing Business and Technology Leaders with Strategy, Analysis, Security Confidence and Operational Improvements through Innovation, Mentoring and Advanced Management Techniques in Four Critical Areas.

Enterprise Business Strategies

Coeur Group’s Strategic Insights

Businesses are under increasing pressure to deliver results and have a recognizable impact on their clients’ business.

Coeur Group provides Strategic Planning and Assessments based on our insights to hundreds of client engagements, our continuing research of the business and technology futures as well as approaching each engagement with a BusinessFirstTM mindset. Our client’s position Coeur Group as their Business and Technology Advisors as they experience a true partnership for identifying, defining and resolving their critical business and technology enablement problems.

Coeur Group’s Strategic Insights

Modernization Success Criteria

The aging demographics of ERP systems (i.e. financial, work order, records management and others as examples) put them in a target area of opportunity for replacement with high expectations for improvements. While still useful, many existing business systems are lacking integration capabilities and hindering needed increases in workforce efficiencies and effectiveness.

Coeur Group provides support for our clients’ going through this difficult and often uncertain period of change and transition in two distinct and value-added ways.

Coeur Group addresses the business first and identifies the true Critical Success Factors (CSFs), Business Drivers (BDs) and Business Information Requirements (BIRs).  Once these are validated, a full set of business and technical requirements are defined, documented and validated for use in identifying and selecting the most appropriate application and implementation vendor.

Coeur Group provides complete support to your business from the planning stages through product and vendor identification and selection including contract negotiations and implementation planning.

Coeur Group provides full implementation support (IV&V) for managing the selected vendor from contract negotiation to fulfillment of the implementation, training and support obligations completion.

Planning Services

Strategic Planning and Assessment

Provides Strategic Alignment of the Business with the Information Technology organization strategy. Identifies linkages to Business Drivers (BDs) and Strategic Information Requirements (SIRs). Development of Business Case analysis (cost benefit and risk) analysis. Provides risk and implications of actions or non -actions. Provides a prioritization of strategic initiatives that have been identified as specific IT projects/programs. Develops a 3 to 5 year Roadmap with “Actionable Recommendations” and tactical programs for improvements.

Operational and Infrastructure Improvements (Assessments/Audits)

Assessments and audits of the IT Organization/Processes/Infrastructure/Technology provide a clear definition of current state capabilities, performance, regulatory compliance and maturity. Assessments and audits include a Gap Analysis, identification of Risks, and identification of weaknesses in processes and controls. Recommended remediation, mitigation, and “Actionable Recommendations” provide immediate improvement potential. Benefits and cost savings are identified. IT Operational Frameworks and disciplines such as CoBIT, GAIT, ITIL, OPM3 and COSO are applied for maturity levels and providing improvement Roadmaps. Results provide the ability to clearly understand current capabilities and capacity to transition.

Human Capital Management

Identification of current organization structures, skills, competencies and management methods. Project Management, technical support, application development and management skills are identified and provided compared to future requirements of the business support from the IT organization. Specific focus on Roles and Responsibilities, job function and work processes.

Selection of Management teams and/or development of potential management or technical pools of individuals are addressed through specific Critical Behavioral Interviews (CBI) results. New organizational structures and scenarios are provided along with transitional roadmaps.


IT Governance represents the specified processes that ensure the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling an organization to achieve its business goals.

Identifies current IT financial planning, investment and performance management processes and authority levels. Develops improvements and/or new Governance processes including Roles and Responsibilities.

Develops enterprise, business unit or functional project and program funding models and management methods. Includes development of organization structure and relationships to the organizations Board and strategies as well as a transition plan for fully functional Governance Board.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture (EA) is a process of creating an organization-wide roadmap to achieve an organization’s mission through optimal performance of its core business processes within an efficient information technology (IT) environment. Enterprise architectures are “blueprints” for systematically and completely defining an organization’s current (baseline) and desired (target) environment. Enterprise architectures are essential for evolving.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Provides business and/or IT management with specific coaching and mentoring for business and operational improvements. Including financial management, knowledge management and operational management.

Enterprise Systems Requirements Development and Application/Vendor Selection
Provides development of Business and Technical requirements for applications and/systems for modernization. Identifies Business Requirements (BRs) through business unit interviews, capture of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and documentation of all requirements. Highly interactive workshops based upon the client’s business model enable maximum input and knowledge capture of business process and information needs. Survey can be used as a supplemental requirements gathering tool.

Development of an RFP and scoring of returns are documented for external vendor products. Process-specific demonstration scripts are developed. Vendor finalist demonstrations of Business Requirements are conducted and scored. Reference checking and site visit guidelines are provided. Final vendor and product selection with the client as well as final negotiations including contractual support are provided.

Business Process Engineering
Develops a process map of the current business processes, information flows and infrastructure. Defines future state process requirements. Provides detailed transitional Roadmap for integrating new/updated processes into the business. Documents current and future state process flows using written descriptions, relationship or entity diagrams. Provides current/future state gap analyses.
Independent Verification and Validation
Provides senior project management and technical support of medium or large Project/Program implementations whether internally IT-driven or vendor implemented. Provides Project oversight to ensure project timing, cost and deliverables are verified and validated to the Project Implementation Plan. Assures the system/product being implemented reflects the business unit’s business process requirements. Assures that the expected reporting and system touchpoints are being provided by the system being implemented. Assures that the system being implemented has appropriate data integrity processes and routines in place and operating effectively. Assures implementation change order management is effective and accurate. Provides Quality Assurance oversight and review of various progress and status reports/meetings for accuracy, timeliness, participation, and meaning.
Business Case Analysis and Cost Reduction Programs
Provides analysis of technology investments. Audits current project, application and asset portfolios. Develops realistic and achievable project timeline. Defines cost reduction opportunities and provides a financial cost/benefit and risk analysis of implementing.
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