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Enterprise System Strategies

Coeur Group’s Enterprise Systems Selection Process

Coeur Group follows a proven and structured methodology for the development of requirements, the issuance of a formal Request for Proposal, and the ensuing evaluation and selection of a solution. This proven approach consists of 6 major phases of work:

  • Phase 1: Planning and Project Initiation
  • Phase 2: Needs Assessment
  • Phase 3: Requirements Definition
  • Phase 4: Solicitation Development
  • Phase 5: System Selection
  • Phase 6: Implementation

Coeur Group’s proven approach is oriented to an objective approach of evaluating the many solution options facing our clients, assuring client involvement (for buy-in purposes), and assuring that the solution will meet the client’s requirements, needs and expectations.

Coeur Group has found that this structure leads to successful selections and provides key management checkpoints, a balanced set of very specific deliverables throughout, billings that are tied to the deliverables, client buy-in to the selection, and ultimately, and ‘no surprises’ for the client.

Coeur Group’s ERP Solution Selection Methodology

The phases depicted in the diagram cover the key aspects of Coeur Group’s approach and provides a structured approach for this engagement.
1. Project Planning and Initiation Phase:

  • Kickoff Meeting with Executive Sponsor and Project Coordinator
  • Identify Steering Committee
  • Develop Project Charter
  • Develop Project Communications Plan
  • Review Approach and Detailed Project Plan
2. Needs Assessment Phase:

  • Identify Business Drivers
  • Develop Critical Success Factors
  • Understand The Organization’s Overall Strategies and Objectives
  • Define Future State Expectations
3. Software Requirements Definition Phase:

  • Develop a Custom Operational Model
  • Conduct Business Requirements Detail Workshops
  • Identify Technical Capabilities and Requirements
  • Document Key Findings
  • Requirements Validation And Prioritization
  • Identify Potential Operational Improvements
  • Define Best Practices
  • Assess Available Resources
  • Evaluate Current Vendor/System Upgrade Capabilities
  • Document Requirements for RFP Development
4. Vendor Identification and Solicitation Documents Phase:

  • Identify Potentially Qualified Vendors/Systems
  • Develop RFP
  • Publish RFP with Requirements To Vendors
5. System Selection Phase:

  • Receive, Evaluate And Prioritize Returned Vendor Responses
  • RFP Scoring and Vendor Short List Recommendations
  • Develop Vendor Demonstration Scripts
  • Schedule Vendor Demonstrations
  • Facilitate Vendor Demonstrations and Scoring Sessions
  • Review Final Vendor Scoring And Selection
  • Develop Vendor Deal Sheet
  • Conduct Best and Final Offer (BAFO) Session
  • Vendor Negotiation and Implementation Plan Management
6. Implementation and Program Management Phase (IV&V):

  • Validate Vendor implementation Plan
  • Ensure Project Planning and Charter Completion
  • Manage Vendor to their Implementation Plan and Identify Risks
  • Facilitate Vendor Risk Mitigation Plan and Corrective Actions
Rather than the typical silo-driven organizational approach to analyzing information technology environments, we structure our efforts using these business process models.  The models reflect our practical experiences as well as best practices across a typical organization. The models help us structure the functions within and across various organizational structures, and across both different enterprise computing environments as we expect to experience for these important Financial ERP engagements.
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