Coeur Group’s Business Technology Consulting

Providing Business and Technology Leaders with Strategy, Analysis, Security Confidence and Operational Improvements through Innovation, Mentoring and Advanced Management Techniques in Four Critical Areas.

My CIO Partner

Virtual Staff—Transition Management—CIO Coaching

Many small to medium businesses, as well as municipal and local governmental organizations, can not staff a fully functional Information Technology Organization, or the existing IT leader or CIO may desire a Fast Track of implementation on specific disciplines of the Information Technology environment. Coeur Group’s Senior Partners provide Teaching, Collaboration and Coaching to these organizations on adjunct, planned or a virtual basis. By developing customized approaches to the business, based on issues, drivers and critical success factors, a combination of Roadmaps are customized with proven content and Fast Track integration. This CIO level consulting is provided at a significant value and most engagements are self funding within the fiscal year from savings gained.

Coeur Group’s MyCIOpartner™ program enables your executives, councils and boards to gain insight and knowledge on what, where and how to plan, invest and govern for growth enablement of your business. Our business and technology mentoring delivers immediate and long term operational effectiveness for your business driven information technology needs. Coeur Group has years of experience in federal, state and municipal business as well as in many of the fortune 500 corporations.

Coeur Group’s Strategic Insights

Coeur Group provides experienced leadership in business and technology for your organization.  Many of our clients require specific support in mentoring and coaching from time to time in short interval periods.  Coeur Group’s MyCIOpartner™ program provides senior business/technology executives with a custom success agenda that engages your business and technology leadership.  The approach integrates proven methods, models and tools for increased management discipline, effectiveness and efficiencies of operations and true business value accretion from IT.

Proven Business Technology Management Roadmaps

Planning Roadmaps:

#1 – Enterprise Architecture

#2 – IT/Business Alignment

#3 – Managing Cultural Change

#4 – The Credibility & Dependency of IT

Investing Roadmaps:

#5 – Capturing The Value of  IT

#6 – Consolidation & Transformation 

#7 – IT Operations Maturity

#8 – Infrastructure Management & Asset Performance (IMAP™)

Governance Roadmaps:

  #9 – Governance & Performance Management

#10 – Supplier Relationship Management

#11 – IT Organization Constructs 

#12 – Portfolio Management (Projects to Asset Value)

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