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Independent Verification and Validation

Coeur Group’s IV&V Insights

Coeur Group provides senior project management and technical support of medium or large Project/Program implementations whether internally IT-driven or vendor implemented. Our IV&V provides project oversight to ensure project timing; cost and deliverables are verified and validated to the Project Implementation Plan. Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services: Independent review of applications and/or systems including, but not limited to, requirements analysis, validation of design objectives and constraints, code reviews, security assessment, test planning, execution and reporting, verification of test results, validation of processes, verification of documentation, and assistance with project oversight.

Coeur Group’s IV&V assures the system/product being implemented reflects the business unit’s business process requirements. Coeur Group’s IV&V assures that the expected reporting and system touchpoints are being provided by the system being implemented. It also assures that the system being implemented has appropriate data integrity processes and routines in place and operating effectively. And finally Coeur Group’s IV&V assures implementation change order management is effective and accurate. Overall, Coeur Group’s Senior Consulting Partners and our IV&V processes provide Quality Assurance oversight and review of various progress and status reports/meetings for accuracy, timeliness, participation, and meaning.


IV&V Services

Enterprise Value Management with IV&V

As part of Coeur Group’s Enterprise Value Management (EVM) our approach to Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is a framework to enhance Information Technology (IT) governance through rigorous application of sound investment and project management principles, and industry best practices.

Coeur Group defines IV&V as a rigorous independent process that evaluates the correctness and quality of the project’s business product to ensure that it is being developed in accordance with customer requirements and is well-engineered. It recognizes that IV&V partnerships provide high value to many projects and may be introduced at any Phase of a project as determined by the project’s sponsorship and/or Operating Division’s governance requirements.

Coeur Group’s Enterprise Value Management (EVM) methodology requires the development of an IV&V plan early in the project’s life, as a part of the Project Management Plan (PMP), and an IV&V Assessment Project Review at the conclusion of the Development Phase. Depending on project size, risk and other factors, the IT Governance organization should determine the appropriate IV&V activities and may approve tailoring the EPLC IV&V requirements to match the project requirements.

Independent Views

IV&V should be performed by parties not directly engaged in the development of the project with the purpose of assessing the correctness and quality of a project’s product. Typically IV&V reviews, analyzes, evaluates, inspects, and tests the project’s product and processes. This analysis includes the operational environment, hardware, software, interfacing applications, documentation, operators, and users to ensure that the product is well-engineered, and is being developed in accordance with customer requirements.

IV&V provides Coeur Group’s management with an independent perspective on project activities and promotes early detection of project/product variances. This allows the project to implement corrective actions and risk mitigations to bring the project back in-line with agreed-upon expectations. Objectives of performing IV&V include:

  • Facilitate early detection and correction of cost and schedule variances
  • Enhance management insight into process and product risk
  • Support project life cycle processes to ensure compliance with regulatory, performance, schedule, and budget requirements
  • Validate the project’s product and processes to ensure compliance with defined requirements

IV&V findings and reports provide supporting evidence that the product does satisfy client requirements. IV&V should be performed throughout the project’s life and can be executed incrementally at specific points in the life cycle or be performed in a manner that is integrated into all project efforts. Although costs increase, IV&V is most effective when integrated into the entire project life cycle, conducted in parallel with the project and product development activities.

IV&V Best Practices
  • Document the IV&V effort and expected levels of commitment in a Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Budget accordingly for IV&V activities accounting for project scope, schedule, risk, etc.
  • Coeur Group provides a qualified independent team to perform IV&V activities
  • Identify IV&V acceptance criteria within the SOW
  • Ensure that the IV&V team has accessibility to all required data and deliverables necessary to perform effective IV&V services
  • Ensure that the IV&V team receives all project artifacts and is invited to all project meetings
  • Maintain IV&V team independence
  • Make corrections based upon the recommendations of the IV&V team
  • Incorporate IV&V findings into project lessons learned activities and associated documentation
Project & Governance Activities
  • Conduct a preliminary assessment to determine the need and initial scope of IV&V services required by the project effort
  • Use preliminary assessment results as input into developing the mechanism for obtaining the IV&V team
  • Coeur Group becomes the independent IV&V service provider
  • Coeur Group becomes familiarized with project processes, products, and environment variables
  • Coeur Group understands, validates and recommends acceptance or rejection of the IV&V Management Plan developed by the selected implementation vendor that identifies the scope, depth, schedule, and resource requirements of the project effort and includes the:
    • Project processes and products to be included as part of the IV&V activities
    • Performance metrics which allow for the measurement and tracking of project progress against defined deliverables and milestones as they relate to the IV&V items being assessed
    • Perform periodic reviews of, and brief stakeholders on, the progress of IV&V efforts
    • Evaluate and implement corrective actions based upon IV&V findings/recommendations
Coeur Group IV&V Activities

Develop and obtain acceptance from the project sponsor, and other appropriate stakeholders, of an IV&V Management Plan for the IV&V project effort.

Conduct a preliminary assessment of project efforts.

Review and make recommendations related to policy and processes in areas such as:

Project management:

  • Product development
  • Project and product policies and standards
  • Project and product quality assurance
  • Project and product risk management
  • Project and product configuration management
  • Project and product requirements
  • Project and product security and capacity

Review and make recommendations related to producing deliverables in areas such as:

  • System engineering assessment of requirements analysis, specification, and interface control
  • Operating environment assessment of system hardware and software
  • Data management assessment of data conversion, software, and database design
  • Development environment assessment of hardware and software used for development
  • Software architecture assessment of design specifications
  • Code and testing assessment of product code, unit test, integration test, system test, acceptance test, pilot test

Analyze past project performance as an input into identifying and making recommendations as well as providing input into lessons learned for the project.

Provide assessment reports related to both the management and technical aspects of the project as they relate to the above bulleted items.

Provide a final IV&V report summarizing all assessment reports and recommendations prior to concluding IV&V activities.

Evaluate operations and maintenance procedures and any ongoing changes.

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