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Coeur Group’s news and press releases provide a look at our clients continuing value placed on Coeur Group’s services to their business.

Coeur Group Renewed under the State of Vermont’s IT Retainer Contract

February 2017 – Montpelier, Vermont

The Office of Purchasing & Contracting (OPC) has renewed Coeur Business Group as one of a number of vendors to enable state agencies to quickly and efficiently obtain a variety of IT consulting and technical services. The state has vendors under contract to provide services across a variety of functional areas of IT services. OPC administers and maintains these Statewide Retainer Contracts, and the vendors have all agreed to the standard State terms and conditions.   

Coeur Group has been selected to provide services including:

  • Business Analyst & Project Management Services
  • Network Consulting and LAN/WLAN Support Services
  • Hardware/Software/Application Security Support
  • Strategic Planning Assistance
  • Independent Review
  • Enterprise Content Management

Coeur Group Leading South Carolina’s Data Center Consolidation effort

January 2017 – Columbia, South Carolina

Coeur Business Group, Inc. (Coeur Group) is leading the State of South Carolina’s Data Center Consolidation efforts to enable more cost effective, secure and operationally efficient application management across Agency applications.

Coeur Group is utilizing its CoeurSecure™ and Excipio Branded Application migration methodologies to accomplish consolidation of all Urgent applications across Agencies of the state.

Coeur Group worked with the State of Vermont to identify over $1.41 Billion savings

January 2016 – Montpelier, Vermont

State officials announced this week that Vermont will change course on two major components of a health care Information Technology suite that were originally planned to interact with technology that backs up Vermont Health Connect. “The procurements for MMIS Core and for integrated eligibility have been canceled,” said Richard Boes, the state’s Chief Information Officer, in an interview. He is Commissioner of the Department of Information and Innovation.

Coeur Group, conducting the Independent Review (IR) provided the Department of Information and Innovation updates of two health IT projects in a January 19, 2017 report to the legislature’s Joint Fiscal Office. Neither project was scheduled to receive additional funding for fiscal year 2017, according to the report.

The January 19 report said the Shumlin Administration had spent $39.2 million in federal money and $3.9 million in state money on the integrated eligibility project so far. The report said an independent review on integrated eligibility started October 27th and was on schedule to be completed by January 28th.

Coeur Group’s recommendation to not move forward with the Integrated Eligibility project has identified savings for the state of over $1.41 Billion dollars for those projects according to reports in the Vermont Digger paper.

Coeur Group Awarded the State of South Carolina’s Technical College System Security Strategy

January 2016 – Columbia, SC

The State of South Carolina has selected Coeur Group to provide the State’s Technical College System with a full security assessment, gap analysis and development of a detailed Security plan customized for each College.

Coeur Group’s CoeurSecure suite of security services will provide each College with specific action items to mitigate risk and a strategic security plan approved by each Colleges’ Executives.

Coeur Group is one of only three corporations selected by the state to provide strategic services to the state’s departments and Department of Information Systems.

Coeur Group is selected to provide Shelby County Election Commission with new Election system Requirements

July 2015 – Memphis, TN

Shelby County Tennessee has selected Coeur Group to provide a detailed assessment of its election operations and develop business and technical requirements for new election systems. Coeur Group’s expertise in election systems and technology were a key criteria for the Commission selecting Coeur Group, as well as our reputation for supporting statewide Election commissions in process design, election operations audits and understanding future technology capabilities.

Shelby County plans to upgrade its election management system in the near future.

Coeur Group is selected as one of the State of Vermont’s key partners for independent reviews for all projects over $1 million dollars in lifetime costs.

June 2015 – Montpelier, VT

The State of Vermont has renewed Coeur Group’s pre-approve supplier contract. Vermont utilizes Coeur Group as one of a few companies that provide Independent Reviews (IRs) to the State for any project that will entail funding of over $1 Million dollars lifetime costs.

Coeur Group reviews the departments business case, verifies feasibility of moving forward, conducts financial and project analysis, identifies risk and develops mitigation plans for any critical project risks. A final review and report are provided to the department of Information and Innovation with recommendations to proceed, correct and resubmit or not to fund any given project.

Coeur Group Awarded the State of South Carolina’s Data Center Readiness and Cost Assessment

June 2015 – Columbia, SC

The State of South Carolina has selected Coeur Group to assess the State’s Administrative Departments Data Centers. The project entails an in-depth study and assessment of all Data Centers, cost factors, disaster recovery capabilities and a move forward strategy.

The project was initiated by Governor Nicki Haley and the Legislature through a Provides to ensure the State’s information would be protected and available for business under normal and disaster conditions.

Coeur Group Completes South Carolina DOR Project

May 2015 – Columbia, SC

Coeur Group provided the State of South Carolina’s Department of Revenue with security consulting to ensure the Department’s major systems were secure form hackers and conforming to financial institution standards for Payment Card Industry (PCI).

South Carolina’s Department of Revenue had been the target of Chinese industrial Hackers who stole millions of personnel records from the State recently.

Coeur Group Awarded the State of Tennessee Professional Services Contract

January 2015 – Nashville, TN

The State of Tennessee has awarded Coeur Business Group, Inc. a statewide contract for providing services to all departments for Strategic Planning and assessments, ERP selection support, Analysis and design services, as well as Operational support for IV&V and IT operational improvements.

Coeur Group, along with IBM, are the only two corporations to qualify in all four categories for this statewide Professional Services contract.

Mark Peterson, Coeur Group’s Managing Partner, said “The State of Tennessee recognizes the need to partner with corporations like Coeur Group to enable the best strategic support for all state, county, city and educational entities.

Coeur Group is one of its strategic planning partners because the state values Coeur Group’s focus directed towards a BusinessFirst™ approach to adding value to their investments in technology”.

The contract runs through 2017.

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