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Providing Business and Technology Leaders with Strategy, Analysis, Security Confidence and Operational Improvements through Innovation, Mentoring and Advanced Management Techniques in Four Critical Areas.

Organizational and Operational Excellence Support

Coeur Group’s Organizational Discipline Insights

In today’s business environment, whether public or private sector, the critical challenge is a continuing awareness to balance resources, skill and competencies to drive business efficiencies and effectiveness.

From an organizational viewpoint this means ensuring the critical operational disciplines are identified, integrated and matured within the organization. Furthermore, is the structure of the organization providing the optimum advantages to sustain the resources at the highest levels of capabilities required by changing market dynamics?

Coeur Group’s Organizational Insights

Coeur Group provides our clients with highly experienced analysts that have conducted hundreds of projects where supporting our clients in redesign of their business processes and understanding their performance issues have been critical path elements for the business.

Coeur Group provides critical facilitation and leadership for our clients in these 3 Strategic and Assessment areas:

Business Processes

Coeur Business Innovation and Optimization (CoeurBIO) focuses on operations and processes, as well as the human capital and organizational aspects and the technology and tools that will enable the enterprise to be effective. Business Process Optimization is a critical foundation for operational sustainability.


  • Budgeting and funding
  • Investment and Governance
  • Core business process modeling
  • Process innovations
  • Procurement and vendor management
  • Extending process beyond the enterprise boundaries
  • Governance

Enabling Technology

The future of your success in providing the services demanded by customers is enabled through effective technology.  With the public paying higher taxes to federal, state and municipal entities, more demands from the public will be for organizations to adopt methods that increase efficiencies and better serve its customers, businesses and partners.


  • Security Confidentiality—Integrity—Availability
  • Current technology capabilities and capacity for change
  • Transition cost and value to business
  • Asset inventory and management

Organizational Performance

Individual employees drive performance, and when the performance of individual employees or teams of employees is aligned with departmental and organizational objectives, the result is a more disciplined and cost effective workforce. Motivation to utilize innovative processes.


  • Current skills inventory
  • Workforce operational maturity
  • Workforce Compensation benchmarks
  • Job function design and recruiting
  • Policy development and Training
  • Skills and competency sustainability
  • Organizational structures
  • Proven operational Disciplines

Operational Excellence Services


Operational and Infrastructure Improvements (Assessments/Audits)
Assessments and audits of the IT Organization/Processes/Infrastructure/Technology provide a clear definition of current state capabilities, performance, regulatory compliance and maturity. Assessments and audits include a Gap Analysis, identification of Risks, and identification of weaknesses in processes and controls. Recommended remediation, mitigation, and “Actionable Recommendations” provide immediate improvement potential. Benefits and cost savings are identified. IT Operational Frameworks and disciplines such as CoBIT, GAIT, ITIL, OPM3 and COSO are applied for maturity levels and providing improvement Roadmaps. Results provide the ability to clearly understand current capabilities and capacity to transition.
Human Capital Management and Organizational Change
Identification of current organization structures, skills, competencies and management methods. Project Management, technical support, application development and management skills are identified and provided compared to future requirements of the business support from the IT organization. Specific focus on Roles and Responsibilities, job function and work processes. Selection of Management teams and/or development of potential management or technical pools of individuals are addressed through specific Critical Behavioral Interviews (CBI) results. New organizational structures and scenarios are provided along with transitional roadmaps.
Performance Measures
Development of critical Key Performance indicators for IT Operations, IT Finance, and IT Service Delivery. Performance indicators are based on industry recognized “Best Practices” and include but are not limited to: CoBIT, GaiT,  ITIL, COSO, PMI and OPM3.
Executive Coaching and Mentoring
Provides business and/or IT management with specific coaching and mentoring for business and operational improvements. Typical agenda includes financial management, knowledge management and operational management. An IT Value agenda is developed between the business departments and the CIO or IT Executive. Key items of the Value Agenda are developed into projects that will quickly improve the business/IT alignment and create peer-to-peer value between the executives and IT Management.
Enterprise Portfolio Management
IT Portfolio Management provides a sound and proven business approach to optimizing investments in IT. It provides a process to govern investments in IT that accounts for value, risks, costs, useful life, and interrelationships. Projects, Applications, Skills and Asset portfolios are identified, inventoried and prioritized. Specific actions are recommended based upon the client’s desired strategic business directions. Optimization of specific portfolios derives cost reduction, cost avoidance or identification of funding for planned investments that provide fiscal year and long term cost improvements to IT operations. Establishment of a Portfolio (Program/Project) Management Office with the requisite staffing guidelines, processes, toolsets, and training.
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