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Coeur Group Election Readiness Program

Coeur Group has several Specialty Programs that focus on highly problematic areas of our client’s business.

Specifically, this special program covers Coeur Group’s Election Process Audit and Standardization program and our Election Operations Security Program.

Our Election program helps clarify some of the critical actions an Election Administration can take prior to the Mid Term Election cycle to protect their constituents Voting Rights and secure the information and data they are responsible for…


Coeur Group’s Special Program for Election Readiness and Operations Security

Coeur Group’s Special Program for Election Readiness and Operations Security

Coeur Group is a nationwide consulting firm utilized by several states to develop their customized statewide security and operational improvement roadmaps.

Coeur Group provides a focus on TWO critical areas that enable Election Management to improve operational excellence and secure operations, and these are:


  1. Election Process Audit and Readiness Improvement Roadmap
  2. Security Assessment, Training and Actionable mitigation tasks
What can be expected from this Coeur Group Special Election Process Audit and Readiness Program?

What can be expected from this Coeur Group Special Election Process Audit and Readiness Program?

This Election Program is focused on development of a standardized Operational Audit package as well as the security assessment, training and social engineering security knowledge factors, enabling an Election Administration to regain public confidence as well as provide transparency to the voting processes.

First and foremost an Election Operational Audit

  1. A Critical Operational Audit that provides a detailed review of all Election Administrations operational areas and develops a Customized Audit Package and Standardization of all process areas of the election process that include:

• Voter Registration
• Absentee Voting
• Candidate Filing
• Voting System Readiness and Management
• Polling Place Operations
• Post-Election Reconciliation
• Voting Administration

How is Security for Election Processes and Election Management Systems Addressed with these Programs?

How is security for Election processes and Election Management systems addressed with these programs?

A Security Assessment and Social Engineering hacker blocking is a critical line of defense.
The real focus of Security for Election Systems is two-fold:

1. Close the gaps to social engineering

Coeur Group’s program provides specialized assessment and training on blocking Social Engineering attacks. In almost all cases the cause of recent security breaches in government systems has been the use of Social Engineering.  That is, “TRICKING” an individual into downloading a “Free Program”, directing someone to a website for a bogus freebee (coupon offers, movie downloads, free songs etc.)

2. Conduct A Security Assessment and develop an “Actionable” Security Improvement Roadmap

Coeur Group’s Security Assessment and Plan that focuses on:

• Operational Security Controls
• Security Training
• Social Engineering Blocking
• Security Monitoring
• An Improvement Roadmap

Bottom line…this program helps the Election Administrators address the critical concerns of the Voting Public today, including:

• Transparency to constituents
• Secure operations
• Auditable Election System and Database Management
• Standards based processes
• An actionable Improvement roadmap
• Building Public trust

Coeur Group utilizes proven Methods, Models and Tools to address the critical Election Processes and security and improvements.

Election Systems and Processes Are Targeted

Election Systems and Processes are Targeted

We know that voting information has been the target of hackers. News reports indicate as many as 39 states were penetrated, focusing on campaign finance, registration and even personal data.

Most of these consolidated databases (the Election Management Systems) are contained at the State/County level which update voter registration information on a periodic basis. These databases, of course, must be protected at the County and State levels with secure access. Coeur Group program incorporates these systems as well as the focus for Election Systems is on the Elections Workforce Security, Social Engineering Knowledge and Operational Readiness.

Election Administrator’s Immediate Needs Supported

Election Administrator’s Immediate Needs Supported

The REAL and Immediate focus for Election Administrators is two-fold:


  1. Prevent undermining voters’ faith by making the voting process transparent and fully standardized across a jurisdiction. This has been Russia’s most valuable actual Hack to date! That is… Scaring the American Public!
  2. The second focus is to stop security intrusions more rapidly and effectively. This is NOT ONLY about Voter System Security, but about Election Operations and Workforce preparedness.

Getting Started Quickly

To make it easier to do business with, Coeur Group is also a pre-approved supplier to a number of states, including Tennessee, South Carolina, Vermont and others.

To see how Coeur Group can help your Election operations, please contact us and we can set up time to discuss any of your concerns and how we might help. 

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