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Technology Trends

Every year corporations predict the technology trends for the next 12 to 18 months.  If we have learned anything about technology, it is that the intended use of technology will likely soon be overcome by unintended uses that meet the needs of unplanned audiences.

No matter what the Technology trends, Coeur Group believes that identifying, learning and maturing in the proven disciplines for operating, managing and innovating technology for the business is the most firm footing for our clients.

Once the basics are implemented, innovation can take place and applicable trends can be evaluated, vetted and integrated as part of an overall business technology strategy.

Coeur Group has selected some of the current relavant trends in the market today for your review:

Governments Digital Transformation

In the coming decade, several factors—an aging population, the rise of Millennials, budget shortfalls, and ballooning entitlement spending—could reshape the way government delivers services. But the introduction of new digital technologies is likely to be the most important factor of all. Indeed, governments from Toronto to Seoul are in the midst of a historic (and frequently wrenching) transformation as they abandon analog operating models in favor of digital systems.

Reimagining the Core Systems

Accelerating digital transformation and emerging technologies such as sensors, connected devices, value chains, and cognitive computing are making it a strategic imperative to revitalize legacy core systems to drive untapped value.

Social Impact of Exponential Technologies

With great power comes great responsibility—and disruptive technologies are potentially some of the most powerful forces in the business world today. How can CIOs help businesses use exponential technologies to drive transformative change and positive social impact?

The Internet of Thing (IoT)

The IoT’s true value lies in its disruptive potential for reimagining business processes and, ultimately, rewiring business, government, and society. Realizing that potential means shifting IoT applications’ strategic focus toward not just sensing, but doing.

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